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Apple iWeb's Nonsemantic Markup

One of the web design blogs I subscribe to reviewed the code output of Apple's new iWeb product. I thought it was interesting how much it's a FrontPage redeux, but read midway through the comments and all of the Apple fanboys start popping up proclaiming semantic markup idiotic and Apple the most wonderful company to grace this earth with their products. Amazingly, they miss the point that every new web editor released to the market that shuns semantic HTML actually hurts the future of the web, even if it's a product for "normal people."

I guess I don't see why a web editor has to lower markup quality and increase file sizes in order to lower the barrier to entry for budding web publishers. I thought creativity was wrought by limitations. I guess it's just disappointing that people who know what semantics mean are completely willing to discard it in favor of ease of use.

Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better. - John Updike
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