Wayne (seinjunkie) wrote,

Riviera Break

My wife and I are heading to the Mayan Riviera this Saturday, and I can't wait to take time off from work. Things have been so busy for me. Last time we vacationed I felt so relaxed that I literally didn't have to do anything unless I wanted to do it. This time Saturday, I'll be completely snow-free and warm in Mexico!

I know that a lot of people vacation in the Riviera Maya area, so I wondered if anybody had any must-do excursions that we should do, or any fun things in that part of Mexico. We already went snorkeling in a sinkhole, cave, and inlet on one excursion. We also went to see the Mayan ruins and rode ATVs through the jungle, so those are already done. Really, anything fun/interesting would be cool, not just pre-pay tourist excursions. Any suggestions? Otherwise, I'm just going to look forward to more shovelling.
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