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Jobs are Overrated Anyway

So, I found out yesterday that I didn't get that training job that I applied for at my work, because I basically don't have enough real-business experience using our system. The hiring supervisor informed me of that yesterday, and my current supervisor (who was also involved in the selection process) talked to me about it today. They were both saying good things about my sample presentation and sounded like I impressed them with it. But my supervisor had already told me before that he thinks I don't understand how much of the system relates to the business, because I started with this job doing software support and I'm learning inversely.

I see where he's coming from, and I agree, because I told the hiring supervisor that from the get go after he approached me about applying for the job. I told my current supervisor that I could pick up on those things pretty quickly, though, and he agreed with me. During my rejection ceremony, the (non-)hiring supervisor mentioned that I had "opened some people's eyes to my abilities and knowledge of the system," and that would be "nothing but good for me in the future." I didn't really know what he meant by that, but it obviously didn't help me in the immediate future.

Our small department had a meeting today regarding some restructuring that was going on, and my supervisor congratulated the other person (who also works for my current supervisor) on accepting the job. Then he mentioned that it was not an easy decision because I had also applied and did a really well on my sample presentation. So, he said that they might have me do some occasional training for the users. I mocked, "Wayne, we like what you did, but we want to keep you at the same pay grade."

I'm not bitter or sad about it, because I think that's obviously not where I'm supposed to be right now. But, I heard through our new guy, who's going through some claims training, that the training and development department is looking at adding another position for someone to sit with the claims people and answer any usability questions that they might have. In that light, it then made sense what the hiring supervisor had said about opening people's eyes. Are they looking into creating a position just for me? I guess that's cooler than getting the other job, except I wouldn't get to travel around the country.

Maybe it's a not going to happen. Maybe it's a rumor. It's just an honor to be nominated.
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