Wayne (seinjunkie) wrote,

Last Minute Gift Ideas? No Problem

I can't count how many strangers are walking right up to me and asking, "Wayne, it's almost Christmas Eve and I have no idea what to get for you or someone like you... Help!" I'd be glad to. If you're shopping for a fresh-out-of-college twenty something who just got married but tries to live like a geek/gamer when he has the chance, you may or may not have come to the right place. Read on anyways, because you don't have anything else to do.

SnapMat computer desk chair mat cherry wood SnapMat

I just found this yesterday, and I think it's awesome. I should probably get a rolling desk chair, first, but who cares? Who wouldn't love to have hard wood that you can roll around on instead of one of those horrible plastic/rubber things? Plus, it's expandable so you can make it snake in any direction that you want (around corners and such). Worth a look.
$269.00 for full-sized SnapMat .:. http://www.snapmat.com
Logitech® Harmony® Remote 688 logitech harmony remote 688

Nothing excites me more than unification of functions. But with most universal remote controls, some of the more complex functions have to be ommitted in order to make it more compatible. Not with the Harmony. As I understand it, all of the buttons can be programmed to your needs from the Internet for any model of any device.
$199.88 at Amazon.com .:. http://www.harmonyremote.com
LaCie Mobile Hard Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche 100GB lacie 100GB mobile hard drive

This little beauty holds plenty of MP3s and movies for easy transport, and I happen to think it looks great as well. Plus, it's bus powered, so there's no stupid AC adapters or power adapter bricks to lug around. Oh, and it works with either USB or FireWire.
$349.00 .:. http://www.lacie.com
Logitech® MX™1000 Laser Cordless Mouse logitech MX-1000 laser mouse

The mouse to end all mouses? Increased precision from arguably the best peripheral maker in the world. No more optical sensors like the days of old. The accuracy is very tight. It also works on glossy surfaces, which the optical mice never did get right. Oh, and it's wireless! My brief spin with Bluetooth never sold me on wireless mice, but the response time for the MX-1000 is supposedly excellent. I wouldn't know because I haven't tried it out, yet. If word of mouth is any indication, I think that you can't go wrong with this mouse.
$79.95 .:. http://www.logitech.com
PX-716A DVD±R/RW CD-R/RW internal E-IDE (ATAPI) drive from Plextor® a beautiful Plextor DVD drive

I've always wanted a DVD writer, and after the years of DVDs being released (since 1997) just now we're able to write dual-layer discs. If you're going to jump into the DVD writer market, you might as well do it with the most reliable and typically the fastest optical drive company on the market. You really don't have any reason to not get this drive.
$149.00 .:. http://www.plextor.com

That's all for now. I'll let you know if I get any thing from that list. :)

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